In the world of services and service based applications occupying a prime position in the day to day life, Internet Wifi and Wimax services could form the base and frame work of several devices lending a variety of applications and functionalities.

A variety of devices involved in the daily life and routine of the present day context rely largely on network based devices and applications. Businesses however big or small depend extensively on network based applications that include WIFI, WIMAX and INTERNET services.

Convergent technologies have nearly changed the manner and life of the present day man and mankind globally and certain core technologies have redefined the way and mode of connectivity and communications the world over, giving rise to many service providers throughout the international zones and domains.

The era and the world of subscription based services are heavily dependent on service providers across the continents and nations. Internet, wifi and Wimax services as such are exclusively service oriented and subscription based network activities to the core, dependent largely on billing and recurring revenue management services.

Billing for ISP, WIFI and WIMAX applying OBS platforms could be an incremental activity for service providers across the globe in terms of meeting various billing requirements and managing the billing activity comprehensibly.

Scalable and upgradable technologies which are flexible and efficient in catering to various processes and procedures pertaining work flow management and service deliverance are capable of various customisations suitable for individual segments of ISP, WIFI and WIMAX services and integrations.

As service providers for various subscription related services one can harness the true potential of OBS with reference to future proof technologies and eliminate the risk of several redundancies that annihilate the future prospects of service oriented businesses.

Billing with OBS is billing by being on par with the future.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.