OBS, a convergence solution provider for subscription billing and Service Entitlement Management services is privileged in announcing the integration and association with STALKER Middleware system. Our association with STALKER proved to be an instrument in orchestrating a symphony of fruitful associations that leverage our ability to deliver solutions better. Our adherence to teething deadlines, stretched with shortest possible time frames, and an accord of receptivity in terms of cooperation and coordination from STALKER was a delightful Endeavour in unison.


INFOMIR a Ukraine based company has developed StalkerMW - a universal solution for Interactive Service Providers. Their solutions for the services based on broadband networks – provide a unique combination of convenience, compactness, high-capacity and competitive pricing and have been serving around 2 Million customers across 80 countries.


OBS, a convergent solution provider for subscription billing and Service Entitlement Management services, OBS incorporate the best of the higher-end automated systems when ascribing to various activities or processes that form part of the business support systems for Digital Media Industry.

OBS ( is a product developed using open source technologies to provide outstanding solutions and service integrations, which are flexible, efficient and upgradable in catering to the demands of the futuristic service based markets.

The challenges of the present day subscription & Transactional based businesses involving Convergent IPTV, VOD, TVANYWHERE, BROADBAND and other subscription based sectors of the service based industries can be dexterously surmounted using OBS. OBS has been successfully deployed by several global implementations across the world for various service and solution providers with varied subscription billing requirements.

Solutions, employing OBS are customizable and easily blend with various service modules and models which form part of the several challenges arising from time to time in executing business strategies and managing services.

Subscriber Life Cycle Management and Workflow management is hassle free owing to flawless integrations that facilitate greater visibility and accessibility, making deployments effective and efficient. Interface with service providers operating support systems can be seamless and enable better synchronizations and integrations.

The present day media consumption across a variety of smart devices involving tablets, mobile phones, laptops, IP Based STB, gaming consoles has primed the genesis of multi-screen modes of service delivery and video streaming, where a host of services ranging from channel service, on demand services and pay per view services give rise to various processes based functionalities within the Digital Media domains. OBS is a scalable billing system capable of addressing the various functionalities with reference to Billing and entitlement management designed to provide solutions to major players within the Digital Media Distribution Industry.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.