Business Impacts with OBS

Business at OBS is business unbridled of the constraints or threats posed by the proprietary counterparts, freedom from vendors, redundant or not so upgradable technologies owing to source code barriers and many more teething debacles in terms of higher implementation cost are overcome with ease and affective.

With hassles of trade and barriers of technological incorporations minimized to greater accord, scope and efficiency are maximized to a progressive degree of expansive proportions which is the motto of OBS- scale the horizons of the future.

As solutions provider involving recurrent billing services and entitlement management services, managing subscription life cycles and seamlessly integrating various components of business processes through higher end automated systems with greater efficiency and scalability is made easy and possible owing to the OBS model of providing solutions with a wider range of high grade technology deliverance.

The impact on business using OBS as a solution provider assumes value added significance providing exemplary mechanisms and models of business towards various modes and functionalities involving business processes, work flows and procedures.

The arena of recurrent subscription billing offers numerous challenges in contrast with transactional or one time billing models. Inadequate or inefficient automations can impede communication or vision essential for governing markets and customer related strategies leading to vulnerable and ineffective marketing practices, higher risk of market churn, lack and loss of revenue .

Various analytical metrics pertaining customers, factors contributing to customer life time value, customer generation and retention which maximize revenue and minimize loss can be well addressed and attended to only through greater process visibility and operational flexibility so as to facilitate formulation of sales and market related policies that enable smoother conduct of business and revenue generation methods that can be accomplished only through higher end back office automation systems.

As complex and intricate as the world of subscription billing itself a billing system should be as powerful and competent of effectively monitoring , reporting, communicating, accessing and controlling all the associated variables concerning the functional aspects of revenue generation and management, which control or effect the business in many hues.

We at OBS are adept and well equipped to cater to the demands of the ever growing segments of recurring subscription billing businesses, adhering to the best of the industrial standards and deliverances.

  • – Controlled retention
  • – Revenue leakage controls
  • – Synchronization of contracts & Service entitlement
  • – Inventory management & tracking
  • – Partner Management / settlements
  • – Accurate Billing
  • – Upgrades & Downgrades
OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.